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Hello, does an Olympus FE-47 Black
have a webcam on/in it?
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  1. Probably not. The last digital camera I used which doubled as a webcam was a 2mpix Fuji and it reverted to VGA in that role so it was no better than an average webcam.
  2. OH. Okaeee .
    Another question ...
    does a 0.3 webcam have a good quality because im tryna get a Netbook
  3. I wouldn't worry too much about webcam quality because the resolution always has to be limited in order to stream video at an acceptable speed on the internet. Too high a res and it'll be jerky.

    Anyway, if the camera that comes with a Netbook isn't quite as good as you hoped, you can always buy a better webcam -- you don't have that flexibility with other aspects of a computer's spec so I'd concentrate on more important aspects like processor speed, battery life, keyboard feel, screen size, construction quality.
  4. 0.3 webcam resolution is the norm and those webcam you see with 1mp is usually 1mp for still pictures only but has 0.3 res for moving clips.
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