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(I wrote this thread because I can't seem to find any solution on the internet.)

Lately I have been facing this problem of mine that is bugging me for probably a month of so. Occasionally (yes occasionally, this does not happen all the time) , my computer would just turn "unresponsive" when I attempt to shut it down. To describe it, the computer just would not respond to the shutdown/restart command, and in a while my computer's theme would just change to the CLASSIC THEME(sometimes it wont, but most of the time yes), which I have no idea why. If i were to try to put it to sleep, the computer would just go to sleep and would not respond to any of my computer's commands if i try to turn it on, which renders me no choice but to force it to power off by cutting the power supply directly.

To further describe it, I am still able to move my mouse, open up the start menu, type in stuff in the search bar, but i would be unable to open up any programs.

So far I have been encountering this for quite a few times and I have no idea how to rectify it. I basically just power off whenever I encounter such situations. Anyone here knows how do I stop this? Any feedback would be appreciated. :)
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  1. It sounds to me like you have something in Windows that is hung. You can try looking at the task manager to see if you can find the offending program and kill it. You also can try a virus/addware check to see if this clears up the issue.
  2. Yep, I'm doing a virus scan now. But previously I have done quite a few virus scans and it showed no problem on my computer.
    Oh yes, I am also unable to open the task manager when my computer is facing such unresponsiveness.
  3. you can open the msconfig and look under start up and services to see what's running and find things you can shut down.... ( under services scroll to bottom and check box to isolate windows components.
  4. go another question for you. when you open internet explorer, how many search bars do you have ?
  5. Okay, I will look up on my msconfig and see.

    Basically my IE has only one search bar, which is only the google toolbar. But there is this blekko search engine in my IE that is my homepage that I have not removed it yet, but I did remove it from my chrome because I found it irritating and I mainly use chrome. This blekko search engine (I kind of forgotten whether there is a toolbar for this..) is installed when I forgot to uncheck a box during the installation of a program that prompts me to install blekko search bar.
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