2+ HDTVs using an HDMI Splitter

Has anyone figured out how to connect 2+ HDTVs with HD service and be able to change to different HD channels on all TVs just like before with the “old digital cable and coax splitter”.

I have HD service (HD-DVR set-top box) with Comcast. I have an HDTV and everything is great. However, I want to purchase another HDTV for the bedroom and be able to watch and change to different HD channels on both TVs just like I did before with my “old digital cable and coax splitter”. I do not want to pay additional Comcast fees but I do understand that I may have to purchase some sort of splitter/repeater device.

I have read about HDMI splitters, switching and repeating (Octava’s website) and it appears that I need a splitter. The HD cable signal will be the only HDMI input.

Someone mentioned that if the set-top box has two tuners ports, then I could watch and control both HDTVs; however, I would need two remote controls (and of course a long HDMI cable for the other TV).

Here are the specifications for my set-top box:
Brand: Cisco ‘Scientific-Atlanta, Inc.’; Model: RNG200; Features: Multi-Stream CableCARD, Dual-tuner.

I have three questions:
1). What do I need to do/purchase to get HD running on a new HDTV for the bedroom?
2). Is there an HDMI splitter available that I could attach to the back of the HD-DVR set-top that would allow me to connect multiple HDTVs and be able to watch and change to different HD channels on both TVs just like I did before with my “old digital cable and coax splitter”?
3). Does HDMI splitting/switching/repeating lose/freeze the signal/channel on the TV when I 'switch' to the other TV?

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  1. In answer to 2) - HDMI output into a splitter with 1,3,8 etc streams output will only replicate the single input. The output does not contain a modulated carrier signal with many channels. It idustrial DS networks it is possible to modulate over a network cable but this is way beyond your budget etc
    for 3) the output of the comcast will be buffered from the input of an HDMI switcher, DA.
    If your unit has a dual tuner I assume one will be dedicated to the recording function and the other to your output for the TV.

    Check out the Geffen gear as they have lots of neat little boxes and also Kramer..all available in the USA. We can also supply from NZ but freight costs are not worth you purchasing from us, unless you are after our iQRite touch frames or daytime projection screens.
    Kevin Andreassend
  2. The answer to whether HDMI splitters degrade signal quality depends on who you ask. The truth is that it's a highly subjective experience. If you start with a regular cable broadcast and use a quality HDMI splitter, you may not notice any decline in signal. However, if you're watching 1080p video from your high-end Blu-ray player and you use a low-quality HDMI splitter cable, you're likely to see a significant decline in signal quality.
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