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My TV: Samsung LE40B650 digital TV.
Problem: no sound on TV when the HDMI cable from the PS3 is connected.
Everthing is working fine but if I have connected the HDMI cable I can not get any sound from the TV, sound testing in the TV test menu is ok,
sound from the PS3 connected by HDMI cable is ok.
Using the TV I have no sound, so now I disconnect the HDMI cable, [stil no sound] and select a chanel on the TV and now I have sound. I have try to use all the 4 HDMI conectors on the TV, but no effect.
What is the cause here.
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  1. Your TV has about 10-gazillion inputs on the back (and side). Every once in a while your TV incorrectly chooses which port to listen for an audio signal on. As you note, your TV's sound is working properly, but every now and then it needs help selecting the correct audio port to listen to. It seems like you have come up with a work-around. Samsung may have a better work-around. I would expect the cycling through your video sources would also fix the sound, as well as turning the TV off and on (but /not/ from the remote, since all that does is go in and out of standby mode).
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