3pin to 4pin fan adapter

Im not talking about a molex 4 pin power connector
I need to find a 3 pin to 4 pin connector for a compaq DL380 cpu fan I want to take the noisey 60db fan out and pop in a 21 db fan with a little less CFM. Its the size of a 5 pin flat connector but its only got 4 pins on it and all the fans now are 3 pin and the motherboard requires there be a fan plugged in or it shuts down.
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  1. Do you have that thing in your room or something? A server should be in a "server room" where they are nice and airconditioned and sound doesn't matter :)
    Servers need those powerful fans to stay cool and I really wouldn't mess with them. Those proliant servers are so stingy with the hardware that goes in them I'm sure a different fan wouldn't work in it anyway.

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  2. We are in a small office with no server room atm and its cutting down on my productivity =( I found 3 pin fans to cool it at 21dB and I can ghetto rig another fan in there to help but I cant take a two hairdryers laying next to me lol.

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  3. Most small offices I've done consulting for have at least stuffed their servers in a closet or something, lol. Stowing them in someones office is stupid.

    I really really wouldn't mess with it though. Proliants are very sensitive about hardware. Of course you wouldnt have to worry to much about noise if the 3pin fans didn't work, you would probably be at a diff job after the server breaks :)

    Just pile up some crap between it and you, that usually cuts down on noise a bit.

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  4. Maybe I'll build a cabnet around it lol
  5. lol

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