Asus p6t se usb problems, windows 7 64 bit

i cant seem to get my usb-ports to run correctly, my root-hubs are at 'full-speed', which i've heard indicates that they are running at usb 1.1.

i have no idea what to post of info, so ask if it's needed to help.
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  1. I'd say it's a prob with your drivers. Full speed is 2.0, you can check this in your bios (hit DEL on boot). Then go to the asus website and download the drivers for your motherboard.
  2. i'm pretty sure the BIOS is up to date, and i downloaded what i thought was the correct driver for the USB-ports, but it wouldnt let me innstall them.

    other usb-devices seem to work, at least some of them. perhaps it is the device itself. i have tried changing ports too.

    but, some of them, as mentioned, get the 'this device could perform faster' message.

    i'll try looking in the bios, and then at asus' webpage again, thanks.
    will report back asap.
  3. bios tells me its hi-speed enabled, so i guess full-speed is kinda wierd. cant seem to find a driver at asus' page, since i have no idea which one it is. any ideas?
  4. Same here...

    Asus P6T SE with bios 0808 and USB enable on high speed mode...

    If i launch everest, it says that all my peripherical are usb high speed mode compatible, but they are working in fast speed mode...

    I don't know can I do????

    I have G15 keyboard, G500 mouse and razer megalodon headphone...they are all working in fast speed usb 2.0 instead of high speed mode...

    Up and Help :cry:
  5. up?...
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