Kodak M320 Lens issues

I was using my camera, listed above and the lens went in and it shut off. I assumed that the battery died. But I have charged the battery more than once. That not helping I thought a new battery was needed. Same results. I haven't used the camera very much. I have had it around a year. Any ideas on what I can do to get it working again. When I turn it on the green light flashes, it makes a noise like the lens is trying to come out then it shuts off. Nothing happens but the flashing power light and some lens noise. :-( Any advice would be awesome!! Kodak told me they couldnt help, since I wasnt using a Kodak charger.
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  1. "Kodak told me they couldnt help, since I wasnt using a Kodak charger."

    They do come up with some BS excuses ! Anyway to heck with them as the warranty's expired it's the vendor's problem.

    Take it back to the Kodak dealer and demand that they fix it -- a camera is a consumer durable that should certainly outlast a one year warranty.

    I still use a Leica camera which was built in 1958 and a couple of Russian copies from only slightly more recently.
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