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Looking for displays with high contrast ratio, and what does it mean when companies say a Dynamic contrast ratio such as Samsung T240. I am looking for a full HD experience that.

Inputs needed:
1 HDMI input

Don't need speakers. What are your thoughts of the ASUS MK241H, Samsung 2493HM. But ultimatly what will provide me the best True 1080 picture as it will be mostly used for playing a PS3 for games, used as a computer desktop sadly to admit (Runescape). Blueray movies. People think I should be using my desktop PC for my gaming since I forked over 1100 for the 2 Radeon 4870 X2. I just like wasting money.

Don't go too overboard, but at the same time I want to know what are my best options.

LG W2452T

Samsung 2493HM

Asus MK241H
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  1. Personally, I would not buy any of those monitors because they all use TN panels; the reason why they are so inexpensive. TN panels are relatively inexpensive to manufacture which is why they are relatively cheap to buy. Many people prefer to buy these monitors because of the fast response times and low price. The downside is that cannot truly reproduce 16.7m colors without dithering (blending colors) which can cause some image artifacts and color banding issues when watching movies.

    Additionally, colors begins to shift more dramatically than other more expensive panel techs (MVA / PVA / IPS) as the viewer is further off center when looking at the monitor. This is referred to as viewing angles. However not everyone has $600+ for one of these types of monitors.

    I am unfamiliar with those monitors, however below is a link to a review from a reputable hardware site of the Samsung 2493HM. Overall, it is an OK monitor.

    An alternative is the recently released BenQ V2400W which have received several good user reviews and also a good review from the same hardware site as above:

    For all other monitor reviews from
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