Laptop how to guide...

Hi everyone,

I was reading a very detailed "how to" laptop guide written by a contributor here.

It had loads of pictures and very detailed step-by-step instructions.

Does anyone recall the tutorial I am thinking of? If so can you point me to it please. :)

I have been searching but no glory. I actually thought it would have been made a sticky in this forum.

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  1. Found it!

    Thankyou frozenlead for this write up. It's very good.

    Going to pass it on to someone that wants to know the inner workings and see if they can repair theirs. Cheers.

    The link for anyone interested:
  2. Thanks a bunch, I hope it gives you (and whomever you give it to) a lot of help.

    I'm not entirely sure on how the sticky thing works, to be honest.
  3. ^Contact an admin and see if they will do it. I'd imagine that either theGreatGrapeApe or Randomizer wouldn't have an issue doing it for you. Honestly, I feel that we need an admin that spends more time down in this area specifically for that reason.
  4. I shot a message to TGGA. We'll see, I suppose.
  5. THreaten to spank his ass if he doesn't.
  6. Success!
  7. And it is so!
  8. Nice!

    Good to see this at the top of the page.

    I'm sure I will make reference to your post more than once (referring... or most likely for my own reference).

    Cheers again frozenlead.
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