Thermal Camera Recommendation?

Hey all,

Not sure if this is really the right forum for this, but here goes...

Can anyone recommend a thermal handheld camera able to shoot video? I'd like to be able to film in the dark through my windows plus blinds, with a few metres distance of view on the other side, yet the ability to film close up as well.

The actual picture quality is unimportant. It only needs to be a very general image - ie people appear as people shapes, etc.

Price is best kept low due to reduced funds, but if necessary I can up the price maximum a little.

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  1. I don’t know what's you're budget, but equipment like that could cost a few thousand dollars.

    You probably google that already but...
  2. I shall re-define my criteria for cost's sake.

    I have realised that all I need is the capability to see into a dark room with drawn blinds at night time to a distance of one metre, that's it. Anything more is unnecessary.

    Therefore I might not even need that sort of device discussed.

    Any ideas?
  3. Anything that is capture to an image next room with close drapes or something will require some sort of thermal imaging and those are very expensive. Night vision without the thermal imaging is different all together and even that is expensive.

    A low cost surveillance camera that claim it's a night vision is not a true NV equipment, it's camera that can handle a very low EV (exposure value) camera and those still requires light, and this can be recognise on the spec of the camera by means of lux.


    A true night vision devices will not need light so it takes whatever light it got from the image and process it, same goes with thermal imaging... those can be very expensive.

    I’m sorry if this is not helping you but I’m not sure if understand completely that a true NV or TI units could not cost no less than a thousand dollars. Try use equipments at eBay’s perhaps?

    How about something like the ones below, but you still need something to record it to?
  4. Okay thanks. I'm guessing the cheap cameras like "Infrared car camcorder blah blah blah..." are not going to help.

    Maybe I'm not thinking outside the box enough. I just need a video or even just pictures from one metre away through closed blinds at night. I have no idea how to though :/

    I even have access to the room at some point, so if there's something I can drop off there to get video from inside the room instead, that's good too.

    Any thoughts? It's really important.

    EDIT: And sound would help too. For example, I can get under the room, too, so if there's some sort of listening device, that'd be handy.
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