HDD format problem !!help

Hi guys

I recently formatted my hard drive.

I have since tried to re-install XP without any success. The install begins by saying something like 'Windows is inspectng your hardware configuration'. It then goes on to install various sytem files (.dll's etc).

Finally it installs all of these and says it is re-booting.

This is where the problem is. Rather that it re-booting and continuing the install (with a new Windows screen which shows the progress of the install ie 40 mins remaining). It simply reboots and starts the 'Windows is inspectng your hardware configuration' again and starts loading up all the same files again.

I am not sure what this is about, The XP disk is fine (I have used it before). I am unsure if my BIOS is set incorrectly but I have it set to boot from CD then HDD.

It seems to me the install just cant read the files that the first part of the process is trying to install.

I have tried everything. Somebody has suggested I pull out all the ram, modem etc but I cant see how that would help.

If anybody has seen something like this before and can offer help, it would be greatly appreciated
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  1. ok <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by mmuk on 04/23/05 05:28 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  2. if u are trying to save an existing setup with ur existing settings etc that is different but if ur trying to genuinely re-install xp..

    BACKUP any wanted files(great if u got a partitioned hard drive:) )
    boot from CD it should give u the option to repair or install. choose install u can then format the partition with xp on and do a fresh install

    if not BACKUP ur files and change to boot from floppy and format partition from DOS then boot from CD and setup to a nice clean Hd partition

    its not worth messing around if u can BACKUP ur files just format partition and install (aka format and go™ :) )
    but make sure u BACKUP any wanted files
  3. I have had this happen. Obviously your BIOS is set to boot from CD then hard drive. So you stick the XP cd in, and it boots into setup. Then after it copies the files to the hard drive, it says rebooting. AT THIS POINT REMOVE THE CD !! If not, when the computer reboots, it will boot to the CD, instead of the hard drive. After it boots off the hard drive, it will then prompt you to insert CD, reinsert it, and it will finish installation.

    My System:
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  4. thanks for your help, i got no trouble now.
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