Can I splice a HDMI cable?

I have 2 hdmi cables. They are both 6ft long and different brands. Here is my question: If I cut them both is it possible to splice them together to make long one? Also, just out of curiosity... If they are the same brand is it possible then?
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  1. You should be able to run a 50' hdmi cable without requiring a repeater, so the length is not an issue. I would buy a longer cable. You can't splice them like coax because hdmi has multiple separate channels -- it's not just one RF signal like coax. Just take a look at the plugs and you should be able to see 19 contacts. But if you have the hands of a brain surgeon, then take a look at this thread:
  2. It is impossible to splice a HDMI cable. the signal path, attenuation and various other components will be stuffed.

    I suggest use a female / female connector or buy a longer cable.

    Did you know that it takes 100 separate steps to make an HDMI cable, that is 100 sets of nimble fingers...interesting process to see a cable being manufactured.

  3. try out they have pretty darn cheap high quality cables.

    I've bought from them multiple times and no complaints.
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