2 HD tv tuners in one WMCE Box

I just installed a second hd tuner in my Window XP Media Center Edition 2005 box. It works just fine.

Microsoft says it does not officially support two HD tuners in WMCE 2005. However, a MS tech said that two does work.

The significance of a second HD tuner is that two HD programs can be recorded simultaneously, or one could watch one channel while recording another. One HD tuner limited to watching or recording one channel at time.

The ATI HDTV Wonder and the Avermedia AverTVHD MCE A180 are the only two HD tuners on the certified for WMCE 2005 logo list. These are the two that I am using in addition to a WinTV PVR 250MCE analogue tuner.

Dvico's FusionHDTV HD tuner does work in WMCE 2005, and Dvico has drivers and instructions specifically for WMCE.
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  1. umm we all know this...

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  2. Umm. Do "WE" really "ALL" "KNOW" this?

    And how do you know that everybody knows this?
  3. lol.. ok I'll change that MOst of us know this...if someone taht doesnt know it ....they will ask :-)
    if there isnt a question why is there an answer?
    Forget it really and dont take it offensively
    i was just in a bad mood

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