Klipsch 2.1 Promedia with Z-2300 sub?

The other day Klipsch got their 2.1 Promedia speakers back in stock (I thought they stopped manufacturing them), so I snatched them up before they could go out of stock again. I have a set of Z-2300s and blew the satellites by playing them too loud :) My question is, can I switch out the Klipsch subwoofer for the Z-2300 sub to compare and see which combination I like best?
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  1. Probably not. The amplifier for the satellites is in the sub, and they use different satellites. Besides, the Klipsch sub is quite a bit clearer than the Logitech (though not quite as powerful and it doesn't go quite as deep).
  2. Why not use both sub?
  3. Why not use both sub?
  4. Why not use both sub?
  5. how would I go about hooking up both subs? The only way I could think of is using a splitter and removing the speakers from the z-2300
  6. What are you connecting these unit to?
  7. a computer
  8. For desktop; adjust your speaker settings to quadraphonic and connect Klipsch to green audio port (front) then connect Z2300 to black audio port (Rear).

    Stereo signal will become 4.0 except you only get to use the sub. You can get a cheap mini or micro system speaker or even book shelf speakers and connect it to the Z-2300 as a satellite, as long as the Impedance is between 4 to 8 ohms and it'll be fine, 8 ohms is better if you can get one.
  9. very interesting, wasn't aware you could do that! speakers come tomorrow so I'll let you know how it works out.
  10. Well I got it all hooked up, the Z-2300 is running from the rear input and the klipsch are running from the front, and WOW.

    First of all, the bass coming from these two subs combined is overwhelming. It sounds incredible and I'm pretty sure it could knock my house down. Second, the klipsch satellites are MUCH better than the z-2300's in my opinion. The tweeter makes a huge difference, the mids and highs are worlds better. And lastly, the klipsch sub is way cleaner than the 2300 sub, much tighter and better bass (even though it may be a little less powerful, but I can make up for that when I need it with the z-2300).

    So all in all, this setup is PERFECT for me, I can get bone shaking bass when I need it for parties and such, and the klipsch satellites allow for a little more critical listening than the 2300's did.

    Thanks for the help!
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