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Hello all i recently updates my nvidia drivers and when i restarted my computer it dident work at all the computer turned on but the screen gave me the message of "Out of Range" so i then rebooted my computer to get the old drivers back and after the computer had finished the reboot i started up the computer again and it managed to get to the desktop but there was another error message saying error 1 and nothing else and when i tried to go into the start programmes nothing comes up and there is pratically nothing on the desk top please can anyone help with this problem as it is esential that i have my pc working for work purposes and thanks to all in advanced for replys and if possible could u e-mail me any help or suggestion to thanks a lot for all you help and hope to hear from you
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  1. Sounds like your refresh rate is higher than what your monitor can produce, thus giving you the out of range error (this is the monitor reporting this, not your system) You need to boot into safe mode and remove the drivers that caused this that way. Plus click hide refresh rates that my monitor cant show as well under the graphical settings. This has happened to me before, this is how I fixed it ! Good luck !
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