Help! - Can't access data after install of 2nd HD

I originally had this setup:
40gb WD w/ XP and programs etc.
120gb WD with data (movies, mp3's, pics)

My 40gb went bad, so I installed a new 80gb and re-installed Windows, programs, etc.
My 120gb was connected when I installed windows.
Now it only shows 32gb capacity on my 120gb and I can't access ANY of the data that was originally on there.
BIOS auto-detects 32gb and windows says the drive is partitioned and not formatted.

HELP I need all the data from there and would like to use the full capacity. I'm guessing somehow it got partitioned and that's causing this. I'm scared to delete the parition, I don't want to lose everything!!
Thanks in advance for any ideas!
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  1. oh.. btw.. i have an asus A7N8X, 2500xp, 1gb 3200 RAM, ATI 9800pro in case that helps.
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