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actually i wanna buy a lappy so im doing some enquiries on laptops its not about cost studio xps 16 is better or lenovo y 550 is better??plz give reply
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  1. Configurations of each system that you are looking at? It's hard to compare the two, when we don't know what configurations you are looking at.
  2. aa actually config in Y 550 im taking 2.53ghz nd n videa graphic card and in studio xps 2.4 ghz and ati graphic card and rest the same hard disk in xps its 320 with 7200 rpm in lenovo its 320 with 5400 rpm and same ram 4 gb ddr3 tats it.. actually i wanna know the battery life and gaming performance between them tat comparision
  3. 1: There was no need for a second thread. Keep everything to one thread. Thanks

    2: The Y550 comes with 2 different options for NVidia graphics. Which version are you looking at, the G 210M or the GT 240M?

    3: The Studio XPS 16 (mentioned in your second thread) comes with either an HD 3670 or an HD 4670. Which are you looking at?

    4: In order of performance, they would go 4670 > GT 240 > 3670 > G 210

    5. The difference between the CPUs in the Studio (2.4) and the Lenovo (2.53) isn't going to be that noticeable, so I wouldn't worry about that as much.
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