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Hi All-
I have a 2 year old 40" Samsung LCD TV. The model number is LNT-4042.
Recently, when I turn the TV on, there is a delay, a few clicks, and then the TV turns on. As of yesterday, there is a longer delay, many clicks and then the TV turns on.
I have been to many forums regarding this problem with these TV's including this model. I come to find that the exact problem is almost certainly faulty, bulging capacitors on the power supply board. I was told that if I had soldering equipment, good skills, and a steady hand (I have none of these), I could repair this problem for about $10.00.
I was also told that if I just call a TV repair service, I could pay up to $500.00.
I believe there is a middle ground here and I am hoping to get some advise here. I have found a replacement power supply board for $105.00.
I just need to know how to switch it out without breaking the TV or electricuting myself. I am not a complete electronics novice, and I have switched out computer power supplies several times.
I am disabled and can't possibly afford to pay several hundred dollars for this repair or to buy a new unit.
Thank you, in advance for any help and/or advise you can give me!!!

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  1. Ah C'mon guys....nobody knows how to do this?
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