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iIam currently traveling and have been taking pictures on my Olympus digital camera with an SD micro memory card and an XD adapter.

The card and adapter have been working fine for months, but after i inserted the micro SD card (not needing the adapter) into my friend's Samsung camera to upload the photos onto a computer, the micro SD card wont work in my camera. The screen reads 'write protected' when I try to take photos.
The micro SD card still works absolutely fine in my friend's camera, just not mine! And the adapter definitely does not have a lock on it as neither my original or my spare adapters are working when they worked perfectly before.
Is it possible the micro SD has become locked onto my friend's camera? If so, does anyone know how to fix this or have any other solutions?

I hope this makes sense to someone!
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  1. Sounds like the solution is to put the card in your friend's camera or a card reader, hook up to a computer and download all the shots to the hard drive and copy to a USB flash drive.

    Put the card in your camera and reformat it.
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