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Hey Gang...the best Gang on the internet I might add!!! lol I need a Blu-Ray player for my HDTV. However, I have a specific set of requirements that I just seem to not be able to find. Can y'all help???!!!

First, it needs to be able to play blu-ray discs and upscale regular dvd's. Second, it needs to support Divx playback. Third, it needs to have a usb port which can playback said Divx movies. Fourth, needs HDMI. Fifth, it needs to be able to play back MKV format files. And lastly, it needs to be able to play VCD and SVCD discs.

I already have a Philips upscaling DVD player which has usb and Divx. It also plays VCD & SVCD's. Yet I cannot find a bluray that does that and plays MKV. I have been looking on the internet, in stores, and even called luck. So please, can you help???


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  1. Try the Oppo BDP83. It's played plenty of video from flash storage plugged into its USB port and can play MKV files. I believe it also does DivX and VCD SVCDs too. However, to confirm I recommend writing to them. They're usually very good with customer service.

    Go here:

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    Samsung BD-C5300 is also a good alternative and still with reasonable price.
    It can play almost all you need to play : .mkv, DivX, H.264, MP4, WMV9, etc.
    You might want to check it out.
  3. you can also get a sony BDPS570 or the BDPBX57 those are good units but I can tell you it might require a couple of calls to tech support to make the connections

    also you can opt for DNLA that will play almost anything without pluging any USB device to your unit just need to have your computer on (no there is no connection required) is basically something that you make to share videos photos and music from your computer to your bluray

    there are a couple on Samsung but I dont remember the models but are the ones that have the highest prices and also a couple in LG

    all of the previous ones are also Netflix ready, and Pandora ready
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  5. I was extremely unhappy with all the stand alone players that I've tried...I ended up getting an LG drive for my PC and it has worked the best and quickest by far...just sayin
  6. wingedgecko said:

    Hey Wingedgecko,

    I have very similar requirements for a Blu Ray Player (I would like to use it to play VCDs as well). Could you please let me know the brand and model number of the Blu ray Player that you purchased? The above Best Buy link no longer works :( Thanks a bunch !
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