Yamaha CR-620 receiver - Static

My Yamaha CR-620 was working perfectly until a few days ago when I turned it on. Lots of static independent of the volume control. Otherwise, the unit continues to work but for the occasional intense loud static. I checked the wire to insure the wires were seperate and not touching. Still intense static. Any suggestions
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  1. Assuming CR-620 is an amp or receiver. Is the noise on wireless or everything ?

    If it's on everything and doesn't increase with volume I'd look for a knob or lever which switches between two pairs of speakers. Try flicking it on and off and see if it causes the problem. Ditto tape monitoring switch.

    If the noise increases with volume, check input switching and damaged input connectors and connector cables.

    Just to be sure check the speaker wires and connectors at speakers and receiver ends.
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