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Hey guys I built my computer a little less than a month ago. Yesterday I moved around some of the wires. Basically all i really did was turn the hard drive around so that the cables were out of sight. On bootup windows told me about a hardware change and then just booted up. This morning I turned my computer on and all the sudden everything was extremely slow. Google chrome was barely loading and most of my programs would take 2-3 minutes to start up. At first I thought "Oh great, a virus." Well I ran norton a couple thousand times and nothing. I tried microsoft security essentials and that turned up nothing. My cpu usage was almost always under 20% and I have 8 gb of ram. Temps were fine and stuff so I thought maybe it was because of the hard drive. I shut it down and moved it back to original position and booted up. Windows then tells me that I need to launch start up repair. I did a couple times and each ended in an endless black screen. Finally it started to report no hard drive was plugged in. Now I was pretty angry and just decided a new, clean install of windows. On install the hdd was not listed. So can anyone tell me whether my hard drive broke or something? It spins up and is plugged in correctly. Plus does anyone know the reason for the slowness which it showed?
My specs:
i5 2500k @ stock
Gigabyte z68x-ud3h-b3 rev 1.3
650w rosewill capstone
9800gt 1 gb
500GB 7200rpm Toshiba laptop hdd
LG disc drive
8GB G skill ram 1600mhz
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

Any help is appreciated! :wahoo: and sorry for making it so long lol.
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  1. sounds like you snappled the hard drive sata cable connector. if you left them connected when you flipped the drive. if you did not check that the sata connectors are on tight and your using the intel sata ports. also check in the bios that the ports are set to achi mode not ide or raid. the other issue is you could have pushed a able into the gpu or cpu fan and stopped it. if you did there going to slow down to save themselves from overheating. I would pull power from the wall. clear the cmos and check that all the cables are on tight. make sure the ram and card are on tight.
  2. Switched the cables and port and still not working and giving me the boot time failure error. The only thing I can think is that the hard drive is not reponding to the rest of the computer. Oh yeah and I also switched it over to achi mode after resetting bios and still not working. Other than that cpu is on right, gpu is snapped in place and ram is snapped in place. Power supply is also fine. Should I just scrap the hdd or something?
  3. nvm the drive just stopped spinning randomly. I can now confirm the drive died. From a bit of google searching I found out the computer was slowing down and freezing because the hard drive was near failure. Ehh..... I dropped it a few times in the past but at least Im happy it made it this far.
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