Simulating cross-over cable with wireless lan card

Hey all,

A friend and I have been thinking of playing a few lan games together, so I built a cross-over cable for the both of us. Unfortunately, I guess he didn't know what a ethernet card was...he threw his away pcmcia one because it didn't work when he put it about true ignorance...

Now more so than before, I'd like to kick his ass in Red Alert 2. We both have an orinoco wireless lan cards issued from school. Is there anyway we can simulate a cross-over cable with these cards? If so, how? If not, why? Also we are both using laptops...

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  1. There may be a way to simulate a WAP (Wireless Access Point) with one of those NICs, otherwise you need a WAP.

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  2. Just set up the two wireless network cards in ad-hoc mode. Ad-hoc is peer-to-peer without the need of access points. Note that both cards must have the same settings for speed (aka data rate), encryption key, and channel/frequency.
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