my computer doesn't play any sound on my television and i don't know why it work at first but then it just stopped i got a hdmi cable and a pc rgb cable in if that helps please help me!!
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  1. I have a new Game aswell i play the game and it doesn't work i play and all it does for hours is ajust the screen
  2. what type of GPU do you have? and what OS?
  3. what gpu and what is os?? is gpu memory
  4. what Graphics card do you have....and what Os are you running, Windows XP/Vista/Win7???
  5. windows 7 and i dunno yet is it in the manual
  6. ok... well i will take a guess....

    If your Graphics card has an HDMI, windows will more than likey be trying to use that as the sound port.

    right click the sound icon in the system tray (bottom right hand side of the desktop)
    click on the "playback devices" and right click your speakers and set them them as default.

    Hope this helps you PAL.
  7. i did what u said and its not playin anythin should i get speakers for it then or somin?? and it is on default and thnx for the help i don't really get this new windows but its awesome i used to vista :P
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