Hi guys,
I have a question and I have no knowledge regarding this matter so plz forgive me if I am being stupid.
I downloaded a 3D movie on my computer and tried to watch it with 3D glasses I received at the theatre. DOESN'T work, I can still see like blue and red colors and stuff. No 3D effect.
Is it possible to watch 3D movies on computer?
Do you need different kinds of 3D glasses?
Thank You,
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  1. This is just a guess from what I know about 3-D effects from high school physics, but it may be the fact that your monitor or graphics card doesn't exactly support 3-D viewing for 3-D movies. But I've heard the nVidia makes special 3-D glasses. Not sure on this, but my suggestion is wait for someone who knows more about this subject and explain it. Hope this helped a little.
  2. It depends on the glasses and the 3D movie you downloaded. It sounds like your video is anaglyphic, since you referenced blue and red colors.

    The polarized glasses from the theater, which resemble lightly tinted sunglasses, would not work in this case.

    You need to find colorized glasses that match the colors of the video you downloaded. Does the site you downloaded from provide a reference? Your standard Magenta/Blue glasses will probably be the right choice, but there's also something called ColorCode which has Magenta/Yellow glasses.
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