DELL UltraScan P1110" vs Sony Trinitron 21"

I'm getting a used CRT screen for my gaming rig. Wich of these two would offer me the best gaming quality on a HD4850 ? I noticed the Dell Ultrascan offers a lower max Res (1800 x 1440)... if that changes anything, not sure if I'm ever going to go that high anyway.

So, any thoughts ? The Dell is a bit cheaper and does look in better overall condition.
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  1. It really depends on the model but as a general rule of thumb you cannot go wrong with a Sony Trinitron. Their high ends were the defition of high end and are still regarded as the best computer monitors ever made.
  2. They both use the same tube. Perhaps the specs are different for marketing purposes. Native resolution for that monitor is 1600 x 1200. I use mine (dell) for design work mainly, i'm sure it burns my eyes out but as far as CRT monitors go it is the best that was available. The Trinitron tube has two tiny faint mask alignment/support wires visible on the screen, this is normal and nothing to worry about and you won't notice them anyway. This is a superb monitor and i'm not upgrading until it actually stops working
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