Which 19 LCD? L90D+, Sync 940B, VX924?

I'm posting here as I've really done quite a bit of research, and still am quite unsure. Over the next week, I'll be spending anywhere between between $330 to $360 (in the US) for a 19-inch LCD. A friend will be bringing it to me to Brazil, as the same model would *easily* cost 3 times that much. The friend is busy, so I will be essentially purchasing online and he will bring it.

The purpose of the monitor is multiple, and I expect to use it for work, some gaming, and watching vids. Budget is a factor, else I'd have chosen the ViewSonic VP191b, as it seems to be the king of the hill in overall purposes. I tried the Belinea 10 19 20 or the Fujitsu Siemens C19-4 but can't find them anywhere, so they don't appear to be choices.

So I've narrowed it down to the Hyundai L90D+, which I've found for $330, and then the ViewSonic VX924, which the reviews haven't convinced me is worse. They have only made it clear it isn't better than the above-mentioned ViewSonic 191B. I've found the VX924 for $360, and then, for the same price is the mysterious Samsung SyncMaster 940B. As much as I've tried, the only thing I can find about the 940B is that it costs a good $40-$50 more than the 930B (which I've seen for as low as $319) and that no one, not even users, has reviewed it.

Right now, I'm leaning towards the VX924 ever so slightly, but would welcome any suggestions or advice.

BTW, needless to say I will be getting a budget 3D card to replace my (no snickering) GeForce2, most likely an nVidia 6600 or ATI X700 for $100-$130. Edited: Upon further research I figure I'll fork up $140 and go for either an ATI 9800 Pro or an nVidia 6600GT since these appear to be the difference where I can hope for good framerates at the monitor's native 1280x1024 (and not bust the bank).



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  1. VX924 I love mine. Buy the 6600GT a lot better than the 9800Pro.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I had narrowed it down to the VX924 in fact, but now with the arrival of the VP930b for about $60 more, I'm wondering whether I might not be better served with it, or whether the VX924 is more than fine.

    As to the video card, I've decided to actually splurge the extra $30 and go for a 6800.


  3. I have the L90D+ at work and the VP191B at home. Both screens look great but the Viewsonic edges out the L90D+ with better case construction and viewing angles. Both also have a height-adjustable base... an essential feature IMO.

    I have an EVGA 6800 at work and EVGA 6800GT at home. Both are great cards... EVGA has excellent customer service.
  4. I decided I don't want to sit here second guessing my choice, so I decided to spend the extra 60 and get the new VP930b.

  5. Enjoy your new LCD when you get it.
  6. The VP930b is da bomb!!! Easily the best monitor, crt or lcd, that I have ever seen. I use to think that the vp191b was awesome but then I got the 930b as a replacement for doa 191 for a customer. Everything about it is better. Text is ultra sharp, colors are the best Ive seen on an lcd, and 8ms gives you almost no ghosting. What ghosting there is extremely slight to the point were i didnt even notice it after a while (all night bf2 session :). The best experience I had with the monitor though was movies. Both the customer and I were blown away at how sharp the picture was. The contrast was incredible! I just cant say enough good things about this monitor!! The worst part was actually letting the customer take it home :(.
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