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I have been trying to install Windows 7 on a Dell Poweredge 2850 (Data sheet:, however when I get to the step when I am supposed to choose where to install Windows 7, no hard drives show up (I have: in the slot labeled "0"). According to my research, I need a particular driver so that the Windows 7 setup can 'see' the hard drive, however I do not know which driver I need. As far as I can tell it should be one of the drivers from , however there are many there, and I am not sure which one specifically I need (I only have one SCSI drive, however it seems to me that the computer is set up to treat the hard drives in RAID configuration, and I think that means that (at least by default) the computer is acting like it is setup for RAID 0).

So, my question is, which driver do I need (link please), and what do I have to do to use it so that Windows setup can 'see' the hard drive?

If it matters, I am installing Windows 7 from an 8gb flash drive, and I have a second 1gb flash drive ready for the necessary driver. Also, the server itself has 6gb of DDR2 ram, and 2 3.2ghz zeon processors.
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  1. My guess is you need this driver.

    SCSI RAID (6)
    File Title Importance Release Date Version Actions
    Microsoft-XML File
  2. Get the SCSI RAID driver for windows server 2008 r2
  3. aaab said:
    Get the SCSI RAID driver for windows server 2008 r2

    yeah I saw that somewhere in another thread, but where?
    under the list of drivers for the poweredge 2850 on dell's website (, the SCSI RAID driver doesn't mention windows server 2008 r2 anywhere...
  4. Goto [...] redge-2850

    Just under where it says: Refine your results: (149 files)
    Choose the operating system
  5. So I got it to recognize the drive with the driver as a signed drive or something, and it ran the driver thing, and then i go back to "Where do you want to install Windows?" and still no drives are listed...
  6. @dingo07
    the driver you gave me, when i unpacked it and loaded it onto the drive, that worked fine, then i put it in the server computer and pressed load driver, choose the usb drive, and it said no signed drive
    while i was at it i also tried the scsi drive driver on the dell website, and that also didn't show up as a signed drive on the poweredge
    scsi non-raid did show up, and after running it, the setup still cannot find any drives
  7. Make sure there's only the files in the root dir
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