Hey, I dont know how to install my audio driver!Its been weeks now!Is it because I dont have a graphics card?Please give me a step by step tutorial!
Thank You!
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  1. Audio driver installation does not require you to install video card. But you need to see what you're doing to install it so minimum requirement for a PC. You should have built-in graphics chip to connect you monitor, so if you have this then you can install your audio driver.

    First thing first what computer and model do you have, and what is your operating system?
  2. Another thing, Do you have the driver disc?
  3. I doont know.Its a custom box (whitebox?) and i got it from a friend.
  4. Try this first:

    1 - Start
    2 - Click run and enter the word " dxdiag " then enter
    3 - click sound 1, sound 2, sound 3 if there's more than 1
    4 - right down the name of speaker of the device
    5 - post back the name of the device

    Another option is to download PC Wizard here:

    Install it and open when finish.

    Under Hardwares you will see the name of manufactures of you deviceses like:

    etc. etc.

    Post back with that information.
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