My pc is always doing strange things event log show logins found files that chan

my pcs are crazy..several new ones diff locations ip providers and my system event viewer shows all kinds of files that look malicious changing settings and i lose admin rights boxes gray out,google censors me,mouse moves alone settings always changing as if os was aalive or im sharing my pc with a superhackergenious or am being monitored by high authority i dont download illegal content,no porn music, etc never find anything but sytem as a user changing stuff i can disconnect or logoff.ive spent thousands of dollars on new pcs software,hundreds of hours and have no idea it started 2 years ago and i feel my pc is public computer not personal what could it be. i used to let people use my oldest system years ago and they would look at "normal" adult stuff and limewire music i had a roomate and just let him and others go unmonitered i dont know but it seems im not allowed to have a functioning pc now it is happening to my dad since ive moved in with him. his pcs have so many things it would take all nite to try to you know what it could be ive read books am literate a little and it seems im always being monitored censored redirected and just weird it scares my girlfriend and my terminally ill mom and it wont stop other people can do anything while i get hammered by files with ;were doing bla" who is we and what are they looking for ill give them if they exist the whole lot for 1 day without twilight zone behavior PLEASE HELP I AM NOT A CRIMNAL RAPIST PETAFILE DRUG DEALER OR ANYTHING IM A CAREGIVER FOR SICK MOM. help??
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  1. Download a free anti virus program (AVG or Avast) and a spyware buster like (SuperAntiSpyware or MalwareBytes) and a cleanup utility like EasyCleaner or Ccleaner.
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