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I know this is a very debated topic but let me make it easier to solve.
I am looking for a very high quality set of headphones. the will be used for music, and movies as well as audio editing and video work but mostly music related.

but here is the catch, I have a very nice Xfi sound card in my rig and I have been enjoying the "crystallize" and"cmss-3d"
both make my music sound allot better. now the only thing hindering it is a need for a good set of headphones

Will getting a 5.1 pair help? in a similar topic on this thread about a "gaming" headset I notice people didn't like certain aspects about the Medusa 5.1

Whats the best headphone set I can get that will really put my xfi cards features to use?

by the range is around 100 but cheaper is appreciated
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  1. If you want quality sound, 5.1 is not the way to go. As for what to get? Grado makes some nice headphones - the SR80 is in that price range (though they are a bit light on the bass). Sennheisers are nice too. Finally, if you like a bit more bass (but still good clarity and sound quality), the Denon AH-D1001 is a good choice.
  2. thanks so much
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