Panasonic SV-SD75 (old MP3 Player Help!)

Hey there - im wondering if someone can help me with a problem I have.

I bought my Panasonic mp3 player back in 2001 (SV-SD75) still have my CD but lost my SD card reader with the SD card :(

Anyhow I bought an SD card from the local shop thinking I could just copy my music from my computer directly to an SD card but it doesnt read the SD card - ive done a bit of reading and it seems that the format is not correct ie: the panasonic reads AAC format and my music on my hard drive is Mp3 format - so i converted a few songs to AAC and copied them to the SD card and it still doesnt work - the mp3 player just says "Not SD Audio"

Im assuming I need to format the card in SD Audio but have no idea how to do that or what SD audio even is...- I still have my original install CD for the SD card reader - is there any way i can get music onto the SD card so the mp3 player can read it?

I dont fancy having to buy an SD card reader from panasonic and the install CD i have is only windows 98 or ME :??:

HELP please

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  1. If it's an SDHC card may not be compatible with older player.
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