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hp scanjet g3010 mess

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October 24, 2008 1:47:47 PM

This is driving me insane. I don't know what I did wrong but I can'y get my scanner working. After I reinstalled Vista (thanks to creative there for their amazingly crappy driver set that f*cked everything up), I can't get the scanning software installed. I tried with the CD, I downloaded latest drivers from hp download center, but still it seems there's no program I can scan with. Before reinstalling vista, it didn't work either, but at least there was this EXE i had found in the program files' hp folder that more or less did the job. Now even when i install the hp software with all components selected, there's nothing to scan with. Maybe the reason is that I tried installing the basic suite before i tried the full set, I'm not sure. I'm thinking a clean install could help, but in that case I have two options: either I reinstall vista or I try cleaning all hp files, system files, program files, registry entires and such. Obviously I'm avoiding the first option. So anybody can help me with the cleaning....? :( 

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May 6, 2009 12:25:38 AM

I'm having the same problem with my HP G3010 re-install on my WIN/XP - in my case my computer locked up in the middle of the install attempt (37%) and I had to reboot my computer. Now for some reason the program install CD for the G3010 THINKS the HP Solution Center 7.0 program is already installed on my hard drive now (even though it is NOT physically there) and now it won't let me re-install it because on the advanced option install menu, it is greyed out as an install option because when it does it's scan for previously installed HP G3010 programs, it says that it is ALREADY INSTALLED.

But when I go to delete the HP Solution Center from the un-install menu on the CD (using the advanced option that let's me choose which program I want to un-install) it is NOT there on the list to delete, so I can't un-install it (because it is right, it is not really there on my hard drive). Without the HP Solution Center 7.0 installed, the scanner buttons will not function correctly and there is no way to access the scanner from your computer. I searched through the registry and there are no entries anywhere to be found for the HP Solution Center Program and the add/remove programs in control panel also says that the program is not installed on the hard drive.

This whole thing is very frustrating. The scanner has worked flawlessley for me for the past 9 months until this re-install problem, and now I can't use it until this problem is resolved. Why can't HP design their install programs so you can just re-install over the original programs if you need to, or at least provide a REPAIR OPTION on the un-install menu (like most other large programs that you install on your computer have as an option in the contol panel's add/remove program) and that would avoid this whole "phantom" program issue that won't let the CD installer install the program because it is reading from somewhere on the computer that the program is already installed, and now you are stuck with a program that doesn't work - and there are no options to either repair it, delete it, or re-install it.

For now it appears we are stuck with a scanner that has no has software to run it.

At this time I have no solution either and I am contacting HP. Will let you know if they can resolve the issue of the "phantom HP Soution Center 7.0" that is not installed on my computer, but yet the HP G3010 install CD thinks that it is and won't let me install it (and in my case there are 5 other "phantom" scanning programs now missing from my hard drive that came with the G3010 installation package, but the CD installer also says that they are already installed so it won't re-install them for me either).