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I'm trying to connect from DVI output on my ACER computer to the HDMI input (I used a DVI to HDMI adapter)on my Sony T.V. I was able to view video from the computer on the T.V, but no audio. However, when I remove the HDMI end of the cable from the TV input, then the video dissapears and I start to hear audio from the computer on the TV speakers. Pls. what should I do to get both video and audio together simultaneously, from the computer to the TV.

Thank you.
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  1. Most of the time an audio signal is not sent via DVI. Send audio with HDMI or one of the audio ports on the back of your computer.
  2. Suggest you run an analoq (standard) stereo audio cable from your pc (headphone output) and connect this to the red and white rca / phono connectors (audio) on the TV set. The lead that connects to the headphone socket will have the small miniature connector commonly used on a set of headphones with the miniature socket.

    Connect the DVI cable, if you use the HDMI adaptor you might need to go into your tv menu and assign the analoq audio input to the hdmi input. However this might not be possible because the tv assumes that the hdmi input is carrying video/audio and therefore why would you want to assign analog audio

    DVI connector never carries audio.

    You might want to adapt the DVI to 15 pin VGA connector instead as definitely VGA (15 pin connector) will ALWAYS use audio on the red and white sockets....however your tv may not have a VGA input connector.

    I would need to see the input panel on your tv to recommend the best way to connect.
  3. Dvi does send an audio signal to the tv.Newer Sony products will not offer a dvi port on their tv`s, only hdmi ports which provide the best video/audio. There are limitations to the use of hdmi. You could keep the dvi and utilize the audio out port if available on your pc.You could also use the computer speakers for tv and computer sound, logitech Z5500 works for me and sounds great especially when using the optical inputs/outputs.
  4. Thank you very much. I'll try out your suggestions. If not, I'll try and connect another video card with an HDMI output to my CPU, and connect it directly to the HDMI input on the TV. Do you think that will work?
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