Is this a good deal?

Hey I am looking at getting a new system so I wan tot get a computer with a monitor and I seen this sale at best buy seems like a decent system. I am not a big gamer mostly use my PC for downloading and media. Where would you recommend buying a computer package from?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Anybody??????
  2. personally i wouldnt buy hp...

    if your going to get a manufacturers machine go for a fujitsu...

    hp dont deserve anyones custom untill they sort out their faulty machine issues.
  3. Well they have a gateway system also at future shop around the same price? what do you think?
  4. I used to work in the tech section at Costco. We would always say Hp makes a great printer, but would recommend staying away from Hp computers. The gateways we sold were much better quality and value wise. That being said, I always build my own from scratch, just my preference. I don't know if you have a costco near or have access to, I have seen some of there zt systems that seem pretty nice.
  5. For what your going to be using it for, this should be a fine system. Im not a huge HP fan myself, but really you can't go wrong if your not going to be doing serious computing on the machine. It will playback videos and music just fine, even most games will play in it. The inclusion of the monitor is a great addition as well. Also comes with 6GB of DDR3 which is pretty darn well for the 64 Bit of Windows 7.

    I say buy it. Make sure you use anti virus and such. I would say use the newest Avast Free Edition, Malware Bytes for your Malware, and Advanced System Care Free for tuning up the PC. It will keep things going smoothly for you and without problems hopefully. You can set them up to automate as well to do while your not there. I also use CCleaner as a extra tune up tool. Better safe than sorry I say. You can download all of these at

    Good luck man! :sol:
  6. It's not a terrible deal. It's hard to judge, since it doesn't list the video card model.

    It's a middle of the road Quad core. It's got the 64 bit windows 7, which is nice. It's got a decent monitor. It's got a decent chipset on the motherboard.
  7. ^+1, the page don't list the specifications, so, we can not say something sure.

    If you have monitor, keyboard and mice, you can get a rig like this:

    CPU $ 98,99 Here
    MOBO $ 178,99 Here
    RAM $ 108,99 Here
    GPU $ 179,99 Here
    HDD $ 54,99 Here
    PSU $ 89,99 Here
    CASE $ 99,99 Here

    Total: $811.93

    The prices are newegg USA, but I think that you can get the same components from newegg Canada or directcanada.
  8. The site lists the specs...there right here anyways...

    Base Features
    Processor Type: AMD Athlon II 620 Quad-Core Processor
    Processor Speed: 2.6GHz
    RAM: 6GB DDR3
    Hard Drive Speed/Capacity: 500GB
    Optical Drives: SuperMulti DVD Burner with LightScribe Technology
    Graphics: ATI Radeon Graphics
    Pre-loaded Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit
    Dedicated Video Memory: No
    TV Tuner: No
    Video Memory: 256MB
    HDCP Compliant: Not Applicable
    Native Screen Resolution: Not Applicable
    Screen Size/Type: Not Applicable
    Audio Output: High Definition Audio
    Digital Input: No
    Digital Output: Yes
    Integrated Microphone: No
    Line Out: Yes
    Line-In input: Yes
    Microphone Input: Yes
    Sound Card: AMD 785G Chipset
    Speaker Wattage: Not Applicable
    Speakers: No
    Ethernet Port: 10/100/1000Base-T
    Integrated Bluetooth: No
    Integrated WiFi: No
    Card Reader: Yes - 15-In-1 Memory Card Reader
    Component Output: No
    Composite Output: No
    DVI Output: Yes
    E-SATA: No
    FireWire (IEEE 1394)1 - Back
    HDMI: No
    Keyboard: HP USB Keyboard
    Modem: No
    Mouse HP Optical Mouse
    Remote: No
    S-Video Output: No
    USB 2.02 - Front; 6 - Back
    VGA Output: Yes
    Webcam: No
    Available AGP Slots: Not Applicable
    Available Hard Drive Bays: 1 External 3.5" (One Available); 2 Internal 3.5" (
    Available PCI Slots: No
    Power Supply: Information Not Available
    Processor Cache : 2MB L2 Cache
    Removable Storage: No
    System Bus: 4000MHz System Bus
    Loaded Software 1HP MediaSmart Software Suite
    Loaded Software 2Cyberlink DVD Suite Deluxe
    Loaded Software 3Microsoft Works 9.0
    Loaded Software 4HP Total Care Advisor
    Operating System Language: Bilingual
    Tower Depth: 42.80 cm
    Tower Height: 38.91 cm
    Tower Width: 17.70 cm
    Warranty Labour: 1 Year
    Warranty Parts: 1 Year Parts & Labour
    Tower Weight: 4.42 kg
  9. ^Isn't a good deal.

    1- Why 6GB? AMD don't support tri-channel.
    2- What ATI Radeon? 256MB video memory, and says that isn't dedicated video memory. So, is video onboard, maybe a HD 3200 series.
  10. brabbit said:
    The site lists the specs...there right here anyways....

    Ya, we got that part. But it doesn't list the specifics. That's why we mentioned it.
  11. I say buy if you want a reliable PC that isn't going to be top end. If your not going to be doing hard computing or gaming than this rig will work just fine for you. You don't have to go and buy everything separate and put it together, although you will probably get a better computer doing so. But it all comes down to what you want it for and what your going to be doing. If your going to be doing basic internet and video/music use, this machine will work A-OKAY for you and I stand by that. Unless your a IT tech or something, you most likely won't notice a difference anyways, so don't worry about the logistics.
  12. Will it play Crysis on high settings ? :) Sorry, couldn't resist. Well if it does everything you want, uses quality components and has a good warranty, then why not ? THe main thing to me is whats inside the box, and if its upgradeable down the line. Oh, I just noticed it only comes with a one year warranty. That's really short. At Costco for instance you get the one year manufacturers warranty plus two years on top of that provided by Costco plus free tech support as well. It also says it has a "large" 500 gb HD (not large by todays standards) and INTEGRATED ATI Graphics. So If you will be gaming expect to add a good video card as well.

    HP Pavilion Desktop Computer featuring AMD Athlon II 620 (P6302F)
    Model: P6302F | SKU: 10138059
    Work, play and create with the HP P6302F desktop. It's loaded with fast AMD Athlon II quad-core processing as well as 6GB DDR3 RAM so everything you do will run quickly and smoothly. Surf the web, play games, edit photos, and store your digital files to the large 500GB hard drive for quick and easy access.

    Whether you're surfing the web, editing photos, mixing soundtracks or creating your own home videos, AMD's Athlon II quad-core processor and the 6GB DDR3 system memory deliver outstanding power for all your multitasking needs.

    Other great features include:

    A large 500GB hard drive for up to 104,000 songs or up to 83,000 photos

    Super Multi DVD burner that lets you create custom disc labels with LightScribe technology

    Ethernet port makes it easy to get connected to your existing wired network

    6 USB 2.0 ports, 1 FireWire and 15-in-1 memory card reader make it easy to quickly transfer files from peripheral devices

    Power button and card reader positioned on top

    ATI Radeon integrated graphics

    Marquee signature and design with lighting and chrome

    Pre-installed Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
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