Cinema System Connectivity Issues

Hello everyone

I have purchased a new home cinema system the Panasonic SA-PT470
I have had trouble setting up some hardware though this is my current set-up that works.

TV Toshiba
The TV Has 3 HDMI slots
2 Scart Slots
Some Coloured Ports too.
THIS TV DOESN'T Have an Optical Port.

I have the Cinema System which if you follow the next link shows everything it has (Easier than listing it)
Panasonic SA-PT470

Now I have also got an Xbox 360 Which I want to have through the surround sound system.

Problems is I want the Xbox Through the HDMI and the Cinema System is already through HDMI but I can't come close to getting it to work.

I just need suggestion so I can try things and get it working.
Buying new cables isn't an issue so all suggestions is welcome.

Thanks Alot

P.S If you need any more information let me know :)
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  1. Hi hogo, by looking at the specs of your PT470:
    Input / Output
    Digital Input 1 (Optical)
    SCART 1
    HDMI Out 1
    Phone Out 1
    USB Terminal 1 (for MP3, WMA, JPEG, MPEG4, DivX®)
    Audio Input_ 1 (AUX)
    your only option for a digital input is with optical/toslink.

    1. Your TV does not have optical in/out.
    2. No HDMI input on the PT470 only optical.
    3. By wanting to use HDMI I assume you do not want to use SCART, which I am unfamiliar with but understand it is analog.

    About the only way I can think of getting audio through the PT470 is to use the optical out on the xbox cable to your Cinema on an input of your choosing (if assignable) and HDMI to one of the other HDMI inputs for the tv, then mute the TV and crank the Cinema. This would require you to crack open the plastic casing of the connecter at the xbox end of the cable (and left off) because the standard connector and the HDMI cable will not fit in at the same time.
    SO much really I can't show how much I appreciate this.

    I cracked the case off plugged it in to the xbox and cinema system and WoW
    Thanks so much :)
  3. LOL. Glad I could help. If it's not too much to ask, if this really did help answer your problem, could you choose my suggestion as best answer?
  4. Just hit the Green thumb?
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