My computer locks up randomly

It makes that weird sound like a buzzing noise coming from the speakers, and I cant move my mouse and everything on the screen is frozen, CTRL alt Del doesnt work and i have to do a hard restart to fix it.

Is there anything I can use to track the cause of this if it keeps happening?

I thought it might have been from trying to OC my GFX card but I didnt OC at all and it still happened.
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  1. System specs??? Try running with a stick of RAM removed at a time, could be a bad stick.
  2. i7 2600k
    gtx 690
    crosair gold rated 850 watt psu
    16gb crosair ram sticks 2x8gb
    z77 asus mobo extreme
  3. boot into the mb and check the bios rev..and see if it up to date the asus mb have a lot of updates for cpu and ram not try and use the windows bios updater you brick the mb. use the dos updater program or rename the bios file per asus tech doc and use the mb bios updater inside the mb bios itself.
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