Can't boot HP Compaq Pavilion Vista (BSOD)


Computer Screwed Blue Screen of Death

Computer is HP Compaq Pavilion SR2170NX
Computer boots to BSOD from Hard Drive not my computer can’t say what happened to it when BSOD first appeared, owner’s teenage kids won’t say which one saw it originally flash up or where they were surfing.
Anyway sorry for the length of this but thought I would list everything I did so far. The computer cannot be booted without getting BSOD. BSOD basically just says Windows shut down to stop possible damage to Computer etc., etc. Hex number 0X0000C1F5
1. Cannot get into HP recovery, because I can’t get it to boot past BSOD
2. Tried to get in via Safe Mode, was able to get to safe mode options, tried each option all failed ended up at BSOD absolutely no way to get in via safe mode
3. Put in HP Recovery Discs in the internal DVD/CD rom the DVD/CD rom spins looks like it is working however doesn’t read disc or boot.
4. Checked Bios and internal DVD/CD rom is recognized
5. Tried another set of HP recovery Discs that were borrowed same thing rom won’t recognize goes to BSOD
6. Attached a new internal DVD/Rom recognized in Bios but also will not work spins goes through motions but won’t boot
7. Changed Boot sequence in bios and put CD rom first still nothing.
8. Tried putting in a Windows XP installation then a Vista disc to see if it would boot from it won’t still boots from Hard Drive and goes to BSOD won’t recognize anything in internal DVD/Cd rom or external for that matter
9. Tried external DVD/Cd rom drive can’t boot no option for USB in Boot Sequence of Bios and won’t boot from Bios Boot Sequence with Floppy first or in any order for that matter.
10. Disconnected problematic hard Drive that has Vista installed and put in an already formatted Windows XP drive from another computer. HP computer booted with the XP hard drive but internal DVD Rom still won’t boot nor will the new DVD/CD rom. New DVD/Cd rom tested in another computer works fine.
11. All USB ports work fine and computer will recognize keyboard, mouse etc.
12. Loaded Bios back to defaults did nothing DVD/Cd RW is recognized in Bios still doesn’t work.
13. Hex number 0X0000C1F5 checked at Microsoft says it is caused by a corruption “This issue occurs because the Common Log File System (Clfs.sys) driver does not fix the $TxfLog file when the file is corrupted”. States there is a hotfix to correct this and to use Windows 7 installation disk (although Vista Machine). I have Windows 7 installation disc but can’t use as I can’t get any CD or DVD rom to work. Besides I don’t think this is the only problem.

Could this be a Boot or Bios Virus?
I welcome any and all suggestions.
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  1. Try it with 1 RAM chip at a time.
  2. aford10 said:
    Try it with 1 RAM chip at a time.

    Thank you for your expedient reply the ram swap was tried to no avail.
  3. I see you changed the boot order in the BIOS to boot from your windows discs. Some are finicky. Try disabling all the other boot devices, so only your CD/DVD drive is enabled.
  4. aford10 said:
    I see you changed the boot order in the BIOS to boot from your windows discs. Some are finicky. Try disabling all the other boot devices, so only your CD/DVD drive is enabled.

    Thanks again, I tried it, disabled everything other then the CD/DVD drive. Ended up getting a different message stating put in a proper boot up disc. Tried 3 different boot discs and it wouldn't recognize any. Even tried the HP Recovery disc and didn't recognize it either.
  5. Do the discs look scratched or smudged? If yes, use a soft cloth and some water to clean them.

    You may want to try using a different optical drive and/or cable.
  6. Aford10

    Once again thanks.

    Discs are perfect tried two different sets no grease, dirt or grime. Tried a different optical drive a new one, doesn't read disks at all. Shows in Bios but won't read. Also changed the cable/ribbon to no avail. Won't read any Windows Start Up disc. Tried XP, Vista and Windows 7 just goes to the BSOD. Same with HD Recovery discs won't read just goes to BSOD.

    F11 won't work for Recovery. Can get into Safe Mode Options F10 but computer won't boot in Safe mode using any of the options

    Can get into the Bios everything checks out OK

    I did use a disc called the Ultimate Boot Up Disc which has numerous tests you can do. The Optical Drive did read this disk, it is the only one. I did numerous tests using the Boot up disc. Checked Memory passed, checked HDD passed, Checked CPU passed. Computer still would not boot into Windows using the Boot Up Disk, still got the BSOD.

    I think this has two problems I learned from the guy who owns it that the Optical Drive stopped working a couple of weeks before the BSOD. Instead of fixing the problem in the Registry which seems to be a problem with numerous computers using Vista his daughter downloaded another driver but the Optical still did not work. Then a couple of weeks later the BSOD mysteriously appears and no one states who saw it first or what they were doing when it appeared. The father saw the BSOD when he turned on the machine.

    I have been trying to save the data on the HDD because they never used a Back Up. I believe I can delete the Hard Drive using the Boot Up Disk. Before I do that my next step is that I am going to remove the Hard Drive and put it into a Sata USB Enclosure and see if I can access it using another computer OR I may just put the cover back on it and call it a day.

    Thanks Again.
  7. my computer is doing a similar thing my email is i was on facebook for roughly 3-4 hours shut down computer started it up this mourning and its goint to where the little blue bar gose back and forth while initializing start up after a minute the blue bar freezes and window goes blueish black and says "isass.exe - Application error
    The application falied to initalize properly (0xc0000005). Click OK to terminate the application." plz email me i need to get this fixed asap and dont know any thing about this kinda stuff.
  8. Hi i had same problem after changing motherboard cd drive went then couldnt get into windows because of changed motherboard in the end i had to make a bootable usb with windows 7 installation it booted fine from usb then reinstalled win 7 on my hdd needed another computer though try that good luck
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