My old digital camera is dead...what now?

Hello everyone,
my old Sony compact camera just went to hell yesterday, and that is the only camera I got.
Basically I need a new one, but I just don't know which one.
OK...I will try to describe what I am looking for :
1. Compact or bridge camera. (DSLR is too complicated for me)
2. Resolution, and speed is not really a matter, I just need a camera with the best quality I can get, especially under low lighting.
3. HD-video recording is a must.
4. Brands : panasonic, canon, sony, kodak, nikon.
5. Price : under €400 (perhaps about USD500 to USD 550).
6. Mechanical zoom is a must. Digital zoom only is a big "no".
7. RAW? hmmm...not important..
8. Good pixel depth.
9. Shaking hand effect reduction...I dunno what that that the picture not shaking.
10. Red eyes reduction.
11. Weight? ...I don't care...
12. ISO? hmmm...highest possible with less noise possible?
13. Will be used indoor and outdoor. Waterproof is not necessary.

Please help me finding the best camera for me, or if you have something you really like that you wannna recommend that, please post here.
Thank you very much.
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  1. I have done some smal research :
    Olympus SP-800UZ and Panasonic DMC-FZ38
    How about those two?
  2. Hmmm...hello?
  3. OK...thanks!
  4. no replies?

    Are you often shopping online? I have bought two digital cameras from This is really a nice store for that I spent less money and got better cameras there.
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