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Whats required to use a US-made DVD player in Japan?


My girlfriend lives in Japan and I'm planning on buying a region-less DVD player so she can watch American-region DVDs where she lives (East of Tokyo). I've lived in Japan for a long while myself but all of the American-made electronics I brought with me already came with built in surge protectors and voltage adapters. I'm back in the states now and I'm wondering...what would she need to use an American-made DVD player in Japan? I'm going to send a power adapter, as I know the voltage in Japan is 100V, but i'm a little lost as to what I should send her in addition to the DVD player. Any suggestions/help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Cheers :)
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    Sounds like she's set if you have the DVD player already hacked to be region-free and are sending her the current adapter.
  2. Yeah I've got it hacked, I guess i'll just go pick up an adapter. thanks!
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