Panasonic 720p 50" Viera plasma vs. Sceptre 46" 1080p lcd

Just curious, would I be better off buying a Panasonic Veria 50" plasma 720p set or a Sceptre 46" 1080p lcd? Both are around the same price. What's the better set? I'm leaning towards the plasma. This would be mostly to watch upscaled dvds, play wii, and the posibility of future blu ray and either xbox360 or ps3. Thanks!
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  1. On a set more than 37" you should definately lean towards 1080p. There is a noticeable picture difference in larger tvs. An xbox, ps3 and bluray can take full advantage of 1080p giving an awesome viewing experience. The onyl thing that wont look better is the wii as it only supports 480p so it wont be the sharpest picture.
  2. Get the 46" Lcd even though its smaller than the plasma it will be better for gaming and watching blu ray on your ps3.
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