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I have a Dell Inspiron 2500 with what I believe is a failed hard drive. On boot I get "operating system not found", BIOS shows no hard drive. I tried a replacement hard drive, but get the same error. Am I missing a step? The original is 20gb, the replacement is 40gb. Thanks for any help.
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  1. Did you put the jumper in the proper position?
    If it's gonna have the OS it should be set as Master.
    Also try connecting it to the connector on the end of the cable
  2. <i>>BIOS shows no hard drive</i>

    Diagnostic procedure
    1. Check power to hard drive, spinnning etc.
    2. Replace IDE cable to hard drive.
    3. Check drive in second computer.
    4. Run manufacturer's diagnostic software
    5. RMA drive

    <i>>I tried a replacement hard drive, but get the same error.</i>

    Do you mean the "operating system not found" or no drive found in BIOS. In the event of the prior, install the OS on the new drive, in the event of the latter, but a new computer, preferably not a Dell. You could try a PCI IDE card I suppose, better just buy a new motherboard and scavange components from your old machine.
  3. Thanks for the replies - forgot to mention this was a laptop. Also, the answer is there is an IDE adapter that had to come off the old drive and put on the new in order for the BIOS to recognize the drive. I did notice the connectors looked different, but just thought it was because they were different HD. Again, thanks!
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