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I have had Kodak Easyshare for years and although my deceased husband usually downloaded on our previous camera docking station which by the way was very easy.
I recently purchased a new camera a Kodak M530 and I am trying to transfer pictures to Easyshare.
The program said I needed an upgrade to 8.2 which I did and I still can't add pictures.
I don't want to use the gallery or any of the facebook stuff etc., just add pictures .
What can I do ?
Karen Jacobs
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  1. With most digital cameras it is quite possible to download and display pictures using just Windows rather than the camera maker's software.

    Connect the camera to computer by USB cable and start Windows Explorer or My Computer to examine the content of the camera's memory card (which will display as an extra disk drive). Once you've located the pictures, open a second instance of Windows Explorer or My Computer pointed at drive C: and create a new folder on that drive for your pictures.

    Go to the Windows Taskbar at the bottom of the screen and Right click on a blank part of the bar which will raise a menu -- select Tile Windows Vertically and then drag and drop your pictures from the window showing camera's memory card to the window showing your new folder.

    Once your pictures are copied from the camera to the computer view them by clicking on them -- you will also then have the option to select which program you want to use to view them, crop them, etc..
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