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Comcast blocks my samsung plasma tv (samsung 58" plasma 850) from being able to connect (communicate ) directly with their modem. My computer has a good internet connection using a lan 45 cable from their modem , but same lan line ethernet cable does not connect tv to the internet. I would like to use the internet functions(widgets) that samsung/direct tv offer, but I believe an internet connection w/ proper protocal is necessary. Is there a workaround other than putting a computer between the modem and the tv? Why does comcast lock out all devices other than phones or computers hooked to their modems. With all the newer tvs having lan ethernet connections I believe comcast needs to update or I will drop them as my ISP. Or am I missing something here? THX, Paul
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  1. its most likely not them blocking it out, their system probably doesnt recognize the device because their system may not be compatible with the tv's software yet. a lot of cable systems are just starting to be compatible with media center and their two way communication isnt there yet.

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  2. did you the ethernet cable to the back of your directTV DVR or box.make sure HDMI cable that runs from TV to BOX is a HIGH SPEED HDMI CABLE that supports ethernet (it will say on package)
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