Restoring a 2005 dell lap top

i have a latitude d600 laptop it crashed went to a blue error screen it wont let me go to safe mode or any other way what should i do thanks
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  1. get your restore disk or windows disk and boot to it and then use the repair option.
  2. I would say just skip the repair option and do a reinstall. Very seldom do I see a great success in trying an XP repair here. Just my 2 cents. And I seldom use those dang OEM restore disks they put too much crap on during the restore. And 99% of the crap they stick on there is not needed anyways. First thing I do in fact when I buy a new computer is format their junk away and do a reinstall.

    I spend lots of time restoring older computers to a usable state it is a fun hobby indeed. In fact I have a couple D600's out in the shop that I salvaged from the junkyard on Ebay. Not bad computers when they are slimmed down a tad. If ya wanta see one run really good stick Win2k on the sucker.

    peace and goodwill to all as they say.
  3. thats fine and all man but on some name brand PC's the product key may not activate right and are forced to use the restore disk. also the fact that when someone buys a new pc they usually do not have another copy of windows to do a format and install. and this user may want to keep his data if he did not do any backups so the repair option would be best for him. even if it does not work it may get it to work just enough to backup data

    i still like win2k man but for an everyday computer the limited support WIN2K has now may not be best
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