BOSD problem, can't start windows in safe mode nor can i boot my windows from cd


I had a BOSD problem launching Borderlands 2, and some other games too. My Video Card drivers are up to date and i still have BOSD. My friend gave me some crack and he said it might help me start borderlands, but it didn't, i got bluse screen once more, and my pc restarted. Now i can't eaven start my windows, i get some black screen before windows 7 logo apears and i can't eaven start my windows in safemod nor can i boot from a CD/DVD. Pls help

My sistem specs:

Processor: AMD FX-8120
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6850
RAM: 8GB 1866mhz
HDD: 500GB
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    Check your memory. Try with one stick at the time.
    Use memtest to check all modules.

    Btw. It's BSOD not BOSD - Blue screen of death.
  2. Shouldn't be cracking games, even if you bought it legally, you should be looking for the root cause.

    I would second memory problems. How many DIMMS? tried booting from only one?

    What brand of RAM have you got? What motherboard? Wha PSU?
  3. Without knowing the BSOD error messages, its kinda hard to help. Might as well test RAM with memtest86 in the meantime though.
  4. also most of those cracks are just full of may have gotten one from your friend. i would make a
    use the free anti virus tools to see if you have one.
  5. ditto smorizio!
  6. mi1ez

    my ram brend is G-Skill Sniper series, motherboard ASRock 990FX, and my PSU is Thermaltake V4.

    and yea guys how do i test my rams when i can't start my pc and can't boot any cds from it?

    today at school my friend told me that he had black screen too, and that he sent it to the servis and they told him that his ram has excess of electricity.
  7. Try to boot with only stick of ram and see what happens. Check all the modules one by one.
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