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i want to get a laptop for gaming. had my eye on Asus G71GX from bestbuy, my question is, will this be able to play cod4 mw2? this is the only reason i wana get this laptop with nvidia gtx 260m , is the gtx 260m enogh>?
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  1. There are 2 versions of the G71, one with a Quad Core and one with a Dual Core. Which one are you looking at? (link would be helpful). I may have a couple of other suggestions for you depending on how much you want to spend.

    As per your question, yes a GTX 260M should be able to play MW2. They haven't released requirements for the game yet, but the card handles COD4 fairly well.

    thanks for the budget right now is $1500. what othere laptop are you suggesting?
  3. For that budget take a look @ SAGER NP 8690 which has the new i7 CPUs + GTX 280M:
  4. Yup that's good too but the combination of i7+GTX 280M will give better performance than C2D+GTX 260M in games but yes that's another good choice and its cheaper :)
  5. thanks again for reply, yea the sager was my second choice, but it looks like its not out 1600+ is alittle pushing in my budget, but ill see. is there any other laptop with gtx 280 card out there @1200-1500$ area?
  6. ^No, the ones we listed are about the best in your price range. The GTX 280 seems to really bump the price range up a good deal.

    Hey Maz, we need to give Alienware a swift kick in the butt. They claim that their M15x with an i7 and max of a GTX 260 is the fastest 15'' laptop available. Clearly with the NP 8690 that's not the case. Oh and their $1500 base config only comes with a GT 240? Wake up Alienware!
  7. Yeah lol,when i first saw the new m15x i thought its the fastest but after a few seconds i saw the new Sager model,it's interesting that AW is claiming that they have the fastest 15" notebook :D they forgot Sager.
    The Sager model is cheaper too
  8. Czspray said:
    thanks again for reply, yea the sager was my second choice, but it looks like its not out 1600+ is alittle pushing in my budget, but ill see. is there any other laptop with gtx 280 card out there @1200-1500$ area?

    As Logan said no,unfortunately there isn't any laptop with GTX 280M in that price range
  9. Yes it is a good gaming laptop with GTX260M. You should be able to play most high end games with this specification...
  10. Is the weight and size of the laptop important for you ?
  11. One thing to be aware of about the G71Gx. ASUS says it only supports 6GB of ram. I ordered a G71Gx with 12GB of ram. Was excited when I got it until I tried to update Vista SP1 to SP2. Bluescreen.

    Recovered the OS and tried just getting updates for SP1. Bluescreen.

    Ran memtest86+ Bad memory. Called up ASUS and got an RMA and sent it in...

    Got it back from ASUS with a note in the box saying "it worked with 6GB of ram, customer has bad ram."

    I then put two of the 4GB sticks in slots 1 and 3 and cycled through them with memtest. Guess what... no error in that cofiguration. Vista SP1 updated to SP2 with no problems. As soon as slot 2 was populated with ram the memory error were found with memtest and Vista updates blue screened. Sounds like a bad memory slot right?

    Got another RMA and sent it to ASUS again stating that slot 2 on the motherboard is defective. I called back because it was two weeks since they had it. I was told "it worked with 6GB of ram".... WTF!

    Their RMA deptpartment does NOT HAVE 4GB sticks to test with. They ONLY test with 6GB of ram! I asked their Tech Support how much ram the laptop supports and I was told 6GB. I then asked how in the world can their resellers sell this laptop with more than 6GB of ram and the reply was "well, they modify the motherboards..." What? Two hours later an online chat with another support agent told me it supported 12GB of ram... The note from the RMA group this time said it supported 10GB of ram. WTF AGAIN!

    Call ASUS and ask them how much ram this laptop supports. They will tell you 6GB and ask them what if you buy what with 12GB? How will they support that?

    Yes I am pissed. I have had crappy dealings with ASUS and this laptop. Three desktop motherboards and a silly ASUS PhysX card from ASUS and I never had these types of problems.
  12. Asus didn't dress up this G71GX model with any graphic embellishments on the lid, instead keeping things a basic glossy black. (However, it's so glossy that your fingerprints will be all over it in a matter of seconds.) What sells this as a gaming notebook--at least as far as looks are concerned--are its blue LED lights. Beams of lights on the lid go up each side and across the middle. There is also a glowing Republic of Gamers emblem, which relates to an Asus-run gaming Web site. The lights are controllable to a degree; the side beams can be shut off entirely, but the middle beam and emblem never shut off unless the system is asleep or turned off. If you sleep in the same room as your computer, this might keep you awake at night. There are two lights at the front edge of the laptop, too.
  13. Asus G72Gx-RBBX09 is defiantly a good deal at $1299. Core™2 Quad Q9000 processor. GeForce GTX 260M 1GB , 6GB DDR2 memory, 17.3" LED-backlit LCD hd(1600 x 900). 320GB x 2 hard drive (7200 rpm). Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit. (not sure if you get gaming Mouse, bag).

    Try to configure similar Sager laptop, it will cost over $1800.

    Other good option is Asus G51J-A1

    Intel® Mobile Core i7 720QM ,
    15.6" FHD LED WUXGA (1920x1080),
    GeForce 1024MB GTX260M ,
    4096 MB DDR3 1066MHz,
    640GB 7200RPM (2x320GB),
    30 Day Pixel Guarantee,
    Asus G Series Gaming Mouse and bag,
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit,
    2 years warranty (first accidental cover).
    Free Batman Arkham Asylum.
    All that for $1405.53 (or $1499 at newegg.

    Similar spec on sager will cost you 2141.76. Only extra you get is GeForce GTX 280M. (that’s with no mouse,bag)
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