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Please.... please.... can anyone help?

I have used sd micro memory card to take some important pictures and now it's telling me that 'memory card error' I tried to read the pictures on my laptop via external memory card reader but is asking me if I want to format the card and if I want I will have to loose all data in it?

When I was taking pictures I checked several times that the pictures are there only when I wanted to transfer the pictures on my laptop that I got the error message, I tried to see the pictures again in my camera and there is only that error message 'memory card error' came up.

Do you know if there is any way for me to save/restore those important family pictures? any help will be so grately appreciated.

Thanks and regards

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  1. If you format it YES you will loose all the data that you have stored on the card.

    Sometime switching from USB and card reader will cause the card to corrupted. Have you try using USB to transfer your files instead?
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