I want to buy 12 volt digital TV with a dvd player

Hi ,

I want to buy a portable 12 volt digital TV which I can take when I am outside my house .
Please suggest me one which is not very costly.

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  1. you could just get a power converter and use a tv you already have if your going to use it in your car.
  2. A better solution is to actually get a 12 Volt TV. They are much more effecient, as an inverter will continually draw power from your battery and lessen battery life. if you need support, try roadtrucker.com as they are very knowlegable and helpful, but if you only need a tv, I like a little shop called ivyrose77.com. She donates her profit to charity. One other thing, you might be limited on the size. The largest I have seem is 22". If you ned a larger TV, you may have to use the inverter. Malou
  3. I also went and checkedout the ivyrose site as I was in need of a couple of 19" dc TVs. The charity they donate to is in the Philippines, this is part of our economic failure! Keep your cash in our country as best as you can. All of our electronics these days are made over seas but you should do your best to keep your cash in the USA. That being said, I purchased my dc TVs at www.12volt-travel.com. They were very helpful and my order arrived very quickly. Even with economics aside, I'm still far happier buying from a company who specializes in 12 volt products.

    Rick T.
  4. I checked out the 12 volt website too and was amazed at how many items have been adapted for the 12v lifestyle. I haven't picked up a new TV yet but that has a lot more to do with my current financial situation. It looks like most of these 12 volt tv's have built-in dvd and some smaller ones have a battery built-in.
  5. I was amazed too when i saw how many things i can use in the car at 12 volt. I have already a tv in my car. now i don't know if i can use other electronics from the same power point.
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