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I have an E3 olympus and have had no probs up till now, all of a sudden my laptop says it does not recognise the camera and says it is faulty, I have uninstalled all my unecesary software including norton help
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  1. In that case have you checked for the compatibility of the memory card in the camera. Just try putting the card in the slot in the laptop. If it is working fine then you can use it that way. As far as I think the problem seems to be with the connecting wire. Let me know if it works for you.
  2. Sounds like a USB or USB cable isue. Check that other devices work in the USB socket.

    If it's a standard mini USB cable, try substituting a new one.

    As far as the memory card is concerned, you can bypass the camera to computer connection by buying a card reader and put the memory card in that to download pictures -- this will also have the effect of saving wear and tear on your camera batteries.
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